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Always on point.

new monarchy ftw
Love the show and it's snazzy people's on the show doing the talking.

need more raps plz

Great listen but would give 10 stars if all their intros just end in "BRAP BRAP BRAP BRAP” and/or a your saltiest moment of the week (in life or destiny).
Great content, useful tips, insightful guests, and the worlds best musical breaks.
Keep it up!

Great fun hosts

It's clear these guys have a ton of fun doing this podcast every week, they always have new topics or different approaches to playing well in video games.
They focus on Destiny an excellent if sometimes frustrating game made by Bungie of Halo fame. The musical break is also a nice touch to break up the show. Keep up the good work guys.

Very excellent D2 podcast

The weight just stayed off!!!!

The most musical podcast

Lord High Sam
At first my K/D was poop
I felt like I was stuck in a loop
Then I found crucible radio
They taught me how to go toe to toe
If you want to win you better VOOP

Great Show

Damps Trumbo
Gave 5 stars because they told me too. Great advice given and fantastic synergy between the 3 hosts. Keep it up guys.

For the love of all things destiny pvp!

El Bendico
I have a destiny addiction. There I've said it! These guys are an essential part of managing my time away from the game and the heavy come down on the Monday morning commute to work. Postive, funny and great repoire ......keep it up through desting 2!!!! Swayne orbit all the way!!!!! possibly future bones cult and say no to fur and Bones monarchy...really come on!

You don't even need to know destiny

I would honestly just put this podcast in my earholes just to hear Swane's sexy man voice. For real though, this is an amazing podcast for all us destiny folks, especially with D2 inbound. Birds, Bones and Swane, I love you all, keep it up!

Always good fun

Listen to it on my cycles to and from work, really interesting stuff, funny conversations and they seem like nice guys. Helped out my play style and improved my approach and attitude to the crucible. Love from England

Hands down my favourite Destiny podcast

Great hosts who have amazing chemistry. Informative but most of all ENTERTAINING! I'm hooked on Crucible radio and never miss an episode. Hyped for D2 and what the guys bring to the podcast when it releases.

Great Destiny podcast!

Not only great for PvP but for all aspects of Destiny.
So much fun!

Five Star Fellas

Also, nice things...
Seriously though, these guys consistently put out a quality podcast, have a great repertoire together while all in the service of helping YOU improve.

Excellent PVP Podcast

Doesn't mean I'm right
If you want to know more about Destiny PVP this is definitely worth a listen. 100 episodes strong and the team are still finding new subjects to discuss and keeping it fresh. Everyday is a school day and these guys keep teaching.

Wow this was unexpected

I didn't expect such an absolute brilliant show based on one of my favourite video game ps last word is too op what do you the pros think of it in the new addition of the taken king the April update?

This show totally upped my K/D

cool blogger
Real talk, the guys at Crucible Radio always manage to pick up on stuff I don't think about and make consider my plays more. Entertaining listen every Monday morning.

Amazing show

Warlords pride
I can't say enough good things about this show. The hosts are great, the guest are outstanding and the tips and info are first rate. I just finished listening all the shows I missed and have already seen an improvement in my games. A true must for anyone looking at destiny pvp.