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Spin Sucks 163: Mind the Pay Gap

Spin Sucks 163: Mind the Pay Gap

On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks podcast, Gini Dietrich discusses the the unfair wage gap in the communications industry, how it disproportionately affects non-white men and women, and the responsibility of white colleagues to help fix it.
Time: 9:52
During the past 12 months, the PR industry faced a reckoning around its lack of racial diversity, especially in leadership. While the industry has mostly fallen short on immediate goals, many agencies have made tangible commitments to do better with metrics, targets, and deadlines. According to PRovoke Media, most of these commitments are around recruitment and retention, but not around pay equity. In 2017, a PRovoke survey showed a discouraging pay gap that favored white men by more than $6,000 over all others.
Four years later, the numbers, unfortunately, don’t fare much better, which is precisely what we are going to discuss on this week’s episode of the Spin Sucks podcast.
Resources Included:
* PRovoke Media
* PRovoke survey
* Spin Sucks Blog Post: The Communications Industry is Not Free From Diversity Issues
* Great Resignation
* Sixth Annual Women in the Workplace Report
* Spin Sucks Blog Post: The Burden of Women “Having It All” In a Post-COVID World
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Release Date: 01/09/2021, 14:00:11


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