Sneak Attack! is a homebrew actual play tabletop RPG podcast set in the world of Brannis, as well as the depths of outer space. While in season, new episodes release every Friday.

Customer Reviews


Great quality and pg too thanks from the bottom of my heart

Love it love it love it!

My title says it all. Excellent DM. Excellent cast. Good story and great chemistry. Give it a go!

New listener and love it!

I started listening to this podcast at the start of the year and I am hooked! If you like D&D or have just started out you will learn so much! Reed is an awesome DM and you will learn loads from the way these guys play. So funny be carful when listening on headphones in public you may laugh out loud and have everyone look at you!! Good work guys!

Simply the best D&D podcast

Nothing comes close. The camaraderie between DM and players is evident in what is the best D&D podcast out there. Amazing story telling, truly funny and moving moments. Go listen to it now.


In true binging millennial style I got through 100+ episodes of this fantastic show in a matter of months, as soon as I caught up I started from the beginning again with the added benefit of looking forward to a weekly treat with the new episode. Fantastic storytelling and characters, moving at times, funny at others - I now have several friends hooked and our own weekly D&D session usually starts with a catch up about the latest episode. Keep up the good work guys, from a Sneak Attack fan in Norwich (England, not Brannis)

Deserves 10 stars

Excellent D&D podcast which just continues to get better as the characters evolve. Keep it going because I’m whizzing through these episodes very quickly!

Just fantastic

Modified Roll
I don't know what to say to do these guys justice. A brilliant DM in terms of story writing, narration and technical control with a cast who are able to interact so well in character. I cannot recommend it enough!

The best podcast on iTunes

Finishing my second re-listen. Reid is an excellent DM and the group are great together and everything is super professional and high quality.
Still the best D&D podcast on iTunes

Fall into the 3 stick trap

Ried is a excellent Story teller and DM and the merry band manage to balance good rp (with moments of absoulte brilliance) and comedy perfectly. I eagerly await each new episode to see what they get upto next! keep up the awesome work.

Accidentally-spit-out-your-coffee-on-the-train funny

Sneak Attack never fails to make me giggle, would 100% recommend to anyone who enjoys Dungeons and Dragons being happy.

Gaming with Friends

Cal of London
This podcast really feels like you are gaming with a group of friends

A master piece

The greatest podcast i have ever listened to. It made me laugh. It made me cry (much to the confusion of everyone around me)
This is the Mona Lisa of podcasts.

One of my favourite d and d podcasts

I'm currently in bed with influenza but my day has been made 1000% better by re-listening to old episodes. The audio is great, the players are hilarious and the dm is the best. Teamwork truly does make the dream work. ✨

A cracking... cracked? ;) live role playing podcast

A cast of eclectic characters thrown together in the most unlikely of circumstances who succeed despite themselves.
This is as great representation of what playing D&D ought to be like.
A bunch of friends around a table making mayhem, mischief and magic.
I have watched and listened to other role playing podcasts and videos including, of course, critical role but it is Sneak Attack that best portrays the world of D&D and gives new players and DMs a high yet realistic experience to aim for.
Well done Sneakers

One of the best podcasts

This is undoubtedly one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. I can't rate it highly enough.

The best dnd campaign!

Well guys, I've finally caught up to date! Thanks for the laughs along the way! You da best.
Love from the UK

Absolute Perfection

Cpt. Hindsight
I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. It is by far the best D&D actual play podcast available - excellent DMing, entertaining characters played by charming and funny players, and there's great chemistry between the whole gang.
The production and sound-effects are well done and the occasional bonus episodes are entertaining diversions from the main story.
Completely superb.

All Caught Up!

Lewis Iles
I recently picked up listening to this podcast in March and now I'm all caught up, both in episodes and in the excellent story! This podcast brings together a functional but not always harmonious group dynamic, excellent background music and sound effects and a world built and described by a wonderful DM to make something special. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for D&D podcasts listen to this and immerse themselves in the world of Brannis!

New listener, now hooked

I've only started listening recently but I am so into this podcast. The depth and detail of the world "Brannis" that DM Reid has created is phenomenal. Adding gravy (and peaches) is the wonderful cast. Each one playing their characters so well with distinct personalities and motivations but most of all humour! The banter and encounters they have are just hilarious! (cept for ep91 ) and leave me in stitches, which can be awkward at work.
I'll just mention the production quality as well. Very slick. Subtle music comes through which really adds atmosphere and the audio quality is great.
Trying to think of something constructive to say.. nope. Got nothing.
Keep up the great work and thankyou so much for making this a thing. You inspire me to make my campaign better.

It's not bad

I like the style of this it's pretty good. I find the girl annoying though. She's sarcastic and sighs a lot and ruins the feel and isn't as funny as she thinks she is. The guys go pretty well.

A weekly delight

Tyrone the Beautiful
An actual-play that captures the quintessential experience of friends messing about around a table and rolling some dice.
Reid creates a full and interesting world full of Pineapple Gangs, plant interrogations and otherworldly menaces and the players consistently delight as they fumble around trying to figure out how to stay alive and win the day!


Duke Dorian
I eventually caught up on all the episodes just before Christmas and now have to wait like everyone else :(
...but if anything is worth waiting for it's this.
Awesome stories and characters brought to life by a great group who have such awesome chemistry ... so jealous :D
I think I heard in the last episode a number of you (I know you're reading this!) getting all "we're not worthy" about Perkins et al. STOP IT!!! I know it's nice to be humble but Reid > Perkins you lucky lot!

super entertaining

zoé k
i was looking for more fictional podcasts, and i'm not a d&d player myself but i have recently come to really enjoy d&d style adventures because unlike other fiction story podcasts, a roll of the dice can change everything. this particular podcast is very interesting, everyone is so likeable, the story is great, i've laughed out loud almost every episode, and i would highly recommend it, even to those who don't play d&d like myself.


A very comfy podcast. The sound effects aren't overdone, the players are interesting and have good commentary. I have recommended it to my friends.

Smashing stuff

Alex D Z
Top notch plot, interesting if occasionally idiotic characters, fantastic drama. All in all: Smashing stuff. KUTGW.

The perfect actual play podcast

I learned about this podcast through Reid's (the DM) appearance in the DM's Block podcast. I am not particularly interested in Actual Play content, I always get bored easily, but something about Reid's approach to storytelling clicked with me and I was curious. So I gave it a try.
And boy, I am glad I did. The story is great, the players are amazingly funny, the characters are interesting, the world is engaging... Even the decision to stick to one hour long episodes is right.
I think the Sneak Attack crew found the right combination to make an AP podcast perfect.
Also, the creativity put into the character background episodes makes me think the awesomeness is not yet over. I'm pretty sure these group has a lot of great content to come.
The only problem I see is that now that I have almost catch up, will have to wait a week to listen to the next episode. Bummer.
Congrats on a great podcast. Definitely a must listen.

a podcast that you need to SNEAK into your life

jamie be
I have been listening to this podcast since the start, a great bunch of friends, great audio and production values. With weekly episodes every friday and a story line that has you totally gripped. I started listening to this podacst because I wanted to learn more about D&D and being new to D&D I wanted a friendly not to full-on group, and I found that and so much more! I would want to thank them so much for your time and effort making this, the world and activities that go on each week are so indepth and visually gripping, I would carry on talking about this, but i dont want you thinking I am a crazy fanboy, just know this podcast is very much worth your time, with some moments that will have you laughing out loud. Thanks.