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Breast Health Advocate & Educator Raea Campbell

Breast Health Advocate & Educator Raea Campbell

Today on Good News Cana Kenny and Nurse Healther are joined by Breast Health Advocate & Educator Raea Campbell .Raea is founder of Bosm Wellness, a lifestyle brand designed to promote the awareness of breast health and wellness. They teach women how to care for their breasts and lymphatic system naturally. The premier product is a breast health oil to use with breast massage called Pure Tropical Serum. They speak about the benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids for healthy breasts and body.
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Release Date: 30/06/2017, 19:25:32


Get ready to hear something good about Cannabis. Nurse Heather brings her eternal optimism and professional expertise to the stories of the day. Discussing current topics & events - making life's lemons into sweet lemonade and sharing a tall glass with guests, friends, and her listeners

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