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Plates To Remember With Ella Risbridger: Whiskey & Rye Blondies

Plates To Remember With Ella Risbridger: Whiskey & Rye Blondies

This week, author, writer and cook Ella Risbridge…
Time: 8:27
This week, author, writer and cook Ella Risbridger is taking us through the dishes that sum up who she is and her attitude to food. Today, she talks about whiskey & rye blondies, and about how more than anything else, food should be delicious and joyful
Midnight Chicken by Ella Risbridger is out 10th January 2019, published by Bloomsbury
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Customer Reviews

My gym listen

karina bambina
Listen to this show every day topical and serious yet funny. Love the presenters and the guests. Wish I had found this earlier in life. Women supporting women 💪🏽

Sometimes not reflective of the website

The Sunday Soak Festive Pressure episode was a bit frothy and a bit 'meh'. I'm a big fan of the website and the newsletter I receive every day, but this episode really wasn't a reflection of that. I expected more varied and diverse discussion, and more interesting subjects ('how do you put your bra on' didn't really light my fire!). The presenters on this episode seem quite young and sound like they're reading from a script. I do like Gemma Cairney though, she would benefit from having a panel to bounce off now and again.
I really enjoy Viv Groskop's episodes. A real wise voice of experience! I wish that these episodes were longer. Looking forward to hearing what else the podcast throws up in the coming weeks.
Anyone looking for something similar, I would recommend Lauren Laverne's 'Late Night Women's Hour'.


Mrs Ceacmacudis
Insightful and inspirational - can’t wait to hear more ❤️🦋🙏🏻