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Are You Being Bullied By Your Inbox? #54

Are You Being Bullied By Your Inbox? #54

In today's episode, Todd and Robert discuss how a…
Time: 29:01
In today's episode, Todd and Robert discuss how a good system can help alleviate the stress and pressure we are all prone to from the constant flow of input in our lives.
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Perfect for new and experienced GTDers!

Thoroughly recommend this if you’re at all interested in GTD, or productivity and efficient work in general. I’ve been listening for about a year and still find I get a ton of value from these episodes - they’re my favourite way to “warm up” my brain for my weekly review!

Work on fixing sound quality

I started listening to the 'monzo' EP but couldn't focus to the conversation because of the intense 'S' sounds mainly from the host and less by the guest. It was so intense, all I could hear was a constant 'S' piercing my ear ( 🤪 ).
If not sure how to fix this, speak a bit further away from your mic, use a better quality mic, upload a better quality audio file, there are plugins and settings you can use to prevent these, also you don't have to spend crazy money, there are inexpensive ways to solve this if you know what you're doing, even if you're recording on your phone..if not sure ask a professional, join a group to find out, search...
Good luck