The ProBlogger Podcast is designed to help you build a better blog. With a mix of teaching, case studies and actionable challenges Darren Rowse will teach you to create compelling content, find readers for your blog, deepen the engagement you have with those readers and to make money through a variety of income streams so that you can sustain your blogging. Darren has been been blogging since 2002 and making a full time living from his blogs for over a decade. His blogs and are read by over 5 million readers per month. If you’re looking to take your blogs to the next level and make money online - this is the podcast for you.

Customer Reviews


Such a great wealth of practical information with a warm, personal delivery. My fave podcast!

Great Podcast - So Useful

A brilliant podcast offering practical and actionable tips. Darren is so insightful and provides so much value for anyone looking to start, grow or develop their blog. A must-listen for all bloggers.

So much to learn.

Great to listen to someone so passionate, honest and knowledgeable about their profession.
I’ve recommended this podcast to so many people and look forward to every new episode.

Great show

These podcasts from Darren are such a great way to find out all the details about blogging in a relaxed and informative way. Just by listening for 30-60 minutes a week I have managed to create a successful blog and I feel like I am always at the forefront of the latest trends and technology! I highly recommend this podcast.

What would I do with Darren

Andy Stewart (Wales)
I could not have started with Darren's help. In only 6 months with his help on the way to work every morning I've created content ideas. He has advised about headlines, attracting readers and even making my pages sticky. I would guess that his content is everyone. Cant wait for a conference in the UK!!!!

A must for all bloggers

Darren, you are absolutely brilliant. This is the single most important tool for me as a blogger. So much useful information. Every time I listen to a podcast I go away with actionable tips to apply to my blog. I am a travel blogger and have a group of nearly 200 bloggers. I will be doing the 31 days to build a better podcast series with them. Thanks so much for all you do Darren. You’re the best!

Everything you'll ever need!

You'll never need another podcast if you're a blogger! Listening to Darren is a pleasure. He is relatable, friendly, and most importantly his advice is worth its weight in gold. I've learnt so much and thank you!!

Excellent Podcast

I've really enjoyed listening to all of Darren's insightful and useful knowledge on blogging.
Being a beginner blogger myself I've found this podcast not only useful but really inspiring for seeing the big picture of what can happen if you set your mind to it.
Big thanks for making such a great pod!

Game Changer

Am I a blogger ? No. Do I want to be a blogger? Yes! I stumbled on this podcast as I was looking for inspirational and also technical content on blogging. I'm still trying to find my path and deciding my niche is tough but this podcast is amazing. I have been listening everyday while I walk my dog slowly working my way through past episodes. Amazing content that is long enough to be informative but short enough to be interesting. I actually have not felt the urge to skip an episode yet. I also never expected some of the teachings in these episodes be so impactful on my life in general, not just in my blogging quest. Thank you!

Inspired me to start my blog...

…and continues to provide a huge wealth of support in the addictive world of blogging. Darren and the team not only provide hugely useful content on a very regular basis, they do it in a very engaging and concise way. I'm massively grateful for all of the advice, and feel much more confident in my own blog as a result. If you're thinking of starting a blog, or have been blogging for years, this podcast is definitely for you.

7Day Blogging Challenge

Thanks Darren for thinking of this challenge and executing it so well. I loved the daily challenges and the explanations in the daily podcasts too. For a beginner blogger like me, this was priceless. Great Stuff!

Packed with takeaways & actionable tips

I've followed Problogger online for years so when Darren launched this podcast I was first in line. I followed from episode one and was not disappointed - every one is packed with practical takeaways on growing your blog but also other online marketing tips to help generally with SEO, social media and list growth.
I listen while walking home after dropping my son off at school and sometimes have to listen again at home when I have pen and paper to hand!
The first few episodes are quite scripted but then Darren relaxes into it and is far more conversational which makes for super easy listening so stock with it. The interview episodes are also cracking with some awesome guests.
Definitely worth subscribing to.

Go to podcast for bloggers

Thank you Darren for a great podcast - I'm glad you didn't give it up! Your tips are clear, to the point and very actionable. I look forward to each new episode .

Really helpful actionable tips!

I've been binge-listening to this podcast since I first discovered. It's the most precise and actionable blogging advice that I've ever found (and I've been learning about blogging for three years!). The specific advice I've actioned to great effect: 1) emailing people when I reply to their comments on my blog and 2) creating a sneeze page. I'm in the process of trying to harvest more email addresses and hope that Darren's advice will help with this too! Thanks for all the great content.


Brilliant advice from a genuine, down to earth, nice guy. The tips are practical and useful, come from experience and have made an impact on how I blog and do business. Thank you Darren!

Great for those beginning and experienced

this is levi
After taking a good break from blogging, I found myself needing some uplifting, motivating advice.
Darren provides a detailed level of advice and guidance on a load of different areas - just jump in and listen for yourself!
I found myself going through quite a few podcasts in the first few days of discovering Pro Blogger - I'll definitely be revisiting as I look to apply his lessons learned from experience.

The best thing to happen to my blog

The 31 days to build a better blog series were the first podcasts I ever listened to and not only did they get me hooked on podcasts but it was also the best thing I ever did for my blog!
I do a lot of driving in work and often dont have enough time (or attention span) to read articles, but I've found the podcasts are perfect to listen to. They've been very thought provoking and inspiring and by following a lot of the challenges and tips in these podcasts my blog has majorly improved. I'm writing a lot more useful content, thinking more about how I structure content and what I want my blog to give to people and I find I have a lot more ideas for how to progress and continue my blog now. Listening every day gave me that boost to get up and do more and I would often stop to scribble a load of notes after listening to each podcast. I hope the podcasts continue as the recent ones since the challenge have been especially insightful and educational. Darren's voice is also very lovely and easy to listen to.
Ruth Turner

A great source of advice for bloggers

Loving the challenges set and finding they add so much value to my blog. This podcast is well worth a listen for any blogger looking to build their blog.

do it, do it, do it, no really DO IT

A truly well spent 31 days navel gazing at my blog/website and making such a massive difference every single day. Transformation for it. Transformation for me as a blogger too.
DR is friendly supportive and packed full of valuable information, readily shared with enthusiasm.
10-15 mins listening a day isn't really a big time drag out of the day but it makes a BIG contribution to inspiration and action on the blogging tactics, readership and community building front. Really glad to have done it. Have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it to others.

Blogger to Podcaster journey is a natural step for Darren

Neil C Hughes
Fantastic podcast from Darren that offers real value to his listeners with a wealth of information.
After hearing Darren made the jump from writer guy to Podcaster guy, I was inspired to follow his path and we ended up on iTunes New and noteworthy together.
Inspirational in his field, making this essential listening for any blogger or Podcaster.

Absolutely brilliant podcasts!

David Bridger1
Darren Rowse's 31 Days course is utterly brilliant. He's quietly entertaining, generous in sharing his vast knowledge, and effortlessly skilled at pitching his teaching at the right level for his listeners.
Highly recommended!

The best Bloggers Podcast out there

Savvy Jacq
Ive been dancing around the fringes of "can I do this?" and had so many questions I couldn’t get started. Since listening to Darren he has answered every question I had and ones I didn’t know I had!
Now it all about action, consistency and Lets do this!

Don't feel so alone on this Journey.

MA Stefan
Darren has an easy going manner. What I think is his major strength is he makes you feel like he is there for you on this journey. I feel like I have a much clearer path of action to take, to develop my blog.

Must Subscribe for Bloggers!

I have been following Darren since my early days of blogging journey.
His podcasts are must subscribe for all those looking to build better blogs and become a Problogger!
Inspiring and motivational indeed.

Great advice

Kathryn - BLHQ
Spot on advice from Darren Rowse - it’s all about taking consistent action, and Darren will inspire and educate you how to do it.