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65. Who's going to WIN at The Game Awards Tonight | The J.D. & Paulcast

65. Who's going to WIN at The Game Awards Tonight | The J.D. & Paulcast

Time: 1:02:51
It's the ULTIMATE Night in gaming, and on this podcast we go through all the categories & make our picks for who we think will win Trophies at The Game Awards.
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Hi we are J.D. and Paul and this is our podcast where we talk about random stuff like video games, movies, comics, anime, current events, and life. If you enjoy what you hear then please leave some feed back in the form of a review/comment/voice message or whatever works best for you across our platforms. Thanks for listening. Support this podcast:

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It’s like having a chat with your friends

Audio Flip
If you’re into games or films or anything slightly nerdy, this is a really cool, relaxed podcast with JD and Paul, sharing their knowledge and excitement about everything they love.
It’s a little rough around the edges in terms of audio, but the rapport between the two and the quality of their content makes you feel like you’re in a room chatting with your mates.