Hosted by Nick Draper and Stuart Deacons, the 9yrspodcast drops every Friday during the football season, with some variable audio quality and occasional insightful comment.

Customer Reviews

Wombleicious 💛💙💛💙

Nick & Stu, and the rest of the 9yrs podcast team have created a weird and wonderful world for all the Dons out there! My Thursday morning commute wouldn’t be the same without listening to the expert analysis and banter between the guys! I especially like relistening when playing the AFC Wimbledon Supporters Poker Night every Sunday at 8pm 😂🤣 @afcwpokernight COYD 💛💙💛💙

Greatest regular soccerball interlocution ever

sw19 womble
This podcast helped me understand what the midfield actually does; why AFC Wimbledon is by far the greatest team the world has ever seen; how our defenders are naive for giving the attacker the opportunity to fall over and get that penalty, but we were very lucky to get that penalty for us when there was negligible contact and our lad really should have stayed on his feet; how playing a deep third base with a floating nine doesn’t work for us due to budgetary restrictions; what the hell is that seagull doing on the pitch; and Stuart is terrible at quizzes and games. Also HAFSOG and LSU.
Stick it in the mixer!

Good AFC Wimbledon podcast

Was 5 star, brilliant podcast with Nick & Stu. Then the pod basically became a recording of a LoveSport AFCW radio hour minus the ads and jingles. And it changed, a lot. Never change a winning formula.

Great Show but we need more!!

Great show with all those involved, my only criticism is if I don’t get my weekly fix of Womble related news I go and have to listen to Steps to cheer myself up 😉


Balanced and well informed analysis from committed fans. Gone steeply downhill since they joined forces with Love Sport. Poor sound quality and desperate need for controversy by shock jock hosts are killing what used to be a worthwhile listen


Wombles, Wombles, and more Wombles. What's not to like?

Like a Womble flavoured radio show

The mariners wife
Informative content covering AFC Wimbledon sides from the senior side through the youths and ladies. Lighter sections help round out the content


Excellent, informative podcast. Never miss an episode and great for my Thursday morning train journey. Brilliant for someone who doesn't get to as many games as they'd like to to get an insight into the goings on. Well done to the team, I hope you continue for years to come.

To be fair....

Nick and Stu do a sterling job to discuss all things AFC Wimbledon with a couple of games in between. A must-listen to all fans of the (real) Dons

Podcast home for Wombles

Have been looking for an AFC Wimbledon podcast for yonks and this is bang on the money (again, not because it's the only one). Great to have two very knowledgeable hosts putting out in-depth analysis on Phoenix-from-the-flames, super-club-in-the-making AFC Wimbledon. Good work chaps - keep it up!
(Only real criticism is that the podcast is bloody hard to find - maybe add some more tags or something so it's easier to search for on iTunes.)

A must for AFC Wimbledon supporters

Quality podcast full of facts, banter & opinions. A must for anyone interested in the goings on at AFC Wimbledon

Quality listen

I cant wait for Thursday to arrive so i get to listen the the podcast. Its like when i was younger and waiting for Saturday so i could get my pocket money

Excellent AFC Wimbledon podcast

Really enjoyable to listen to, and very helpful in keeping up with what's going on with the Dons.

Great knowledge and Fun

A great show every week discussing what's going on and also lots of fun.
Where else can you get Euro 2016 sticker packets opened on a show.
Well worth a listen.

A must for all Wimbledon fans!

If you're desperate for more Dons news and discussion to tide you over 'til Saturday afternoon, this is the podcast for you!
AFC Wimbledon chat covering key issues on the field and off, including first team progress, Kingsmeadow sale, Dons Trust Elections, Plough Lane application, the Ben Wilson fiasco, FA Youth Cup run, and League Two Play Offs. Interviews with Dons players, such as Jake Reeves and Will Nightingale and past legends like Seb Brown, Dons Trust board members and candidates, plus key figures such as John Green.
Great work guys! (A bit too much WWE wrestling talk for me though!)

The best AFCW podcast in the world

Not because it's the only one..
A fan-made podcast about a fan-made club produced by fans.