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Matt Jackman & Harmonie Jackman - Covid impacts on mental health services

Matt Jackman & Harmonie Jackman - Covid impacts on mental health services

Time: 33:30
In this episode Matt Jackman and Harmonie Jackman, brother and sister, talk about their experiences during the lengthy lockdown periods in Melbourne during two waves of Covid-19 in 2020. Matt and Harmonie both live with Bi-Polar and discuss with me how thier support services have adapted to the changed circumstances this year.
They talk about how their NDIS Support Coordinator has been working with them to deliver flexibility in how their allocated funds can be spent. They also reflect on how their Support Worker, they both have the same one, has kept visiting in person and how this has been very important in keeping them on track during the stresses of this year.
Harmonie also discusses her experience of being pregnant this year and how her antenatal care has been difficult due to health system impacts of Covid.
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