Hayley Quinn is an international speaker, TV personality and love expert.
She is the only person who will teach you the route to true love begins with self love. So break the rules end the game and vote for you first.
Love is not about getting a guy - it's about getting you, standing up for you and loving you. Do this and the men will follow!
You deserve love and I will show you the path how to get it.

Customer Reviews

Rebuilding your social life after a break up

Really great advice. People need to know that there is life after a break up. Thanks

Essential listening for dating & relationship advice...

I've read countless books and articles on dating and relationships and have even attended courses(!) to learn how to meet someone. Nothing ever clicked for me like the great and practical advice that Hayley gives. I love the fact that she debunks a lot of the rubbish information we're given, a lot of which makes us feel that we can't be ourselves and should somehow be slightly ashamed of things we might want (like a committed relationship instead of 'Netflix and chill'). Hayley's advice is empowering and good old fashioned common sense which seems to have been lost in dating advice somewhere along the way. Would highly recommend Hayley's podcasts!


As a single woman in my 30's I love the subjects Hayley talks about ... She's so real and honest.
A pleasure to listen to!
Thanks for sharing Hayley... 💛