Each episode addresses a reader's parenting issue through the lens of Janet's respectful parenting philosophy.
Janet is a respected parenting adviser, author, and guest lecturer whose website ( is visited by millions of readers annually. Her work informs, inspires, and supports caregivers of infants and toddlers across the globe, helping to create relationships of respect, trust, and love. Her best-selling books “No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without Shame” and "Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting" are available in all formats at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and free at Audible ( with a subscription. Episodes of "Sessions," a collection of intimate recorded phone consultations with parents, are available exclusively at
Recommended Best Parenting Podcast by "The Washington Post" and "Early Childhood Education Zone"
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Customer Reviews

So helpful

I absolutely love this podcast and find it so, so helpful. Thanks, Janet.


I love this podcast- Janet provides helpful and straightforward advice.

Really helpful

I listen to these a lot when I'm in the car or out running. Find them extremely helpful. Not sure I fully agree with all of her methods but I like listening to the different angles to make informed decisions on how to deal with my children

So helpful!

So glad to find this podcast about gentle and respectful parenting. I can't find any other dedicated parenting podcast with this approach. So helpful and reassuring. Please keep doing this weekly!! It's my lifeline as it being a podcast I am able to hear the teaching while feeding which is easier than reading off the website. I also find it easier to remember the tips being an audio learner. Great podcast, keep it up 😊

Wish I found it earlier!

I knew about Janet's blog, but I never really made time to limit. I just started listening to podcasts a couple of weeks and subscribed to hers. I love it! I can identify many of the situations she talks about with my experience with my first child, and I found her recommendations still useful although he is a bit older now. Anyway, I'm trying to catch up to be ready when my new child comes. Thanks so much Janet for all this!