A new podcast dedicated to the world's favourite secret agent. Every fortnight, Alex Boucher and James Batchelor delve into the world of Bond - not just the films that made him famous, but the original novels, video games and the many, many other characters inspired by him.

Customer Reviews

The Creme De La Creme of Bondcasts!

gryffin simming
I’ve been listening for about 9 months now and all the episodes I have listened to have been fantastic and very very entertaining. All of the other Bond podcasts are soooo boring and I usually drop out
after one or two episodes but yours keeps me coming back over and over again! Easily one of my favourite podcasts. Can’t wait for the next episode, Keep up the amazing work! :-)

A great listen

Two entertaining and very knowledgeable guys talking about a subject they both clearly love. The Moonraker episode is particularly entertaining!

Licence to Thrill

I very much enjoy this podcast. They go deep into a critical analysis of each films, offering great snippets of behind the scenes stories. Just listen.