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275. Cracking the Restaurant Labor Crunch: Part 1

275. Cracking the Restaurant Labor Crunch: Part 1

The last two years have pushed us all to our limi…
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The last two years have pushed us all to our limit, but know this – better days are ahead and fear not, 2022 may be your best year yet!
Our biggest challenge as operators remains the labor crisis. Operating with restrictions, operating short-staffed, and keeping our operations OPEN has proven trying for even the best out there.
Now it is more important than ever that you watch or listen to this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast. Some of our industry’s leading experts and operators give their best advice and practices on how to overcome the labor crisis we are all facing. It’s all about keeping your good staff happy, recruiting (not hiring) great new people, and finding ways to create a welcoming and fulfilling workplace.
Listen to some of the key nuggets you’ll hear about employees and staffing during the labor shortage:
• “What do employees want?... Financial Security and knowing what meaning this job will bring to their life”! – Joshua Kopel, Million Dollar Restaurant
• “Realistically, existing staff are just physically exhausted, plus the high stress that’s also coming from customers. We think we have a Solution”! – Juan Higueros, Bear Robotics
• “We’re giving our existing team members a stipend if they refer somebody that lasts 90 days. We like stipends, so you’re not burdened long-term with higher wages. We’re also giving our customers gift cards for referring new hires”! – Mike Colonna, Norm’s Restaurants
• “Folks don’t understand if their menus are even profitable. Restaurant margins are worse than they’ve ever been. A lot of operators don’t look at their margins the way that they should”! – Jordan Boesch, 7shifts
This episode is just a taste of the many interviews we conducted. We’ll be releasing more interviews about the labor crisis in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can always watch the entire show at your convenience:
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