Decipher SciFi explores the how and why in science fiction with conversations about technology, humanity, and the future. This is not a review show, nor will you see much criticism or snark. It is a rationally optimistic look, through film, at where society and technology are and where they are headed. Also, butts.

Customer Reviews


Curly Phil
Lovin the show. Very interesting and thought provoking. But still lots of fun. Great banter between the hosts and some really interesting guests also. Totally recommended.

Entertaining Show

Decipher Scifi as they say is not a review show but rather a look at classic and contemporay scifi movies and view them as a point of discussion in terms of science, technolgy, culture and all round value to the viewer. You should find plenty of episodes which discuss movies you like and they have a healthy community surrounding the podcast with a friendly and encompassing social media presence which values the listeners. A podcast well worth listening too.