If you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, but didn’t think it was possible because you were terrible at Spanish in high school, or you don’t get sucked into Rosetta Stone-style hype–you’ve come to the right place. I’m a normal person, not some big company and not some native Spanish speaker. I’m not a natural language learner at all actually. My first brush with Spanish ended with me getting an F in high school! But somewhere along the way, I fell in love! I’m not sure if I love Spanish because I love traveling, or I love traveling because I love Spanish (and food). But I love them both. Naturally, I want more people to love what I love, but I know that you probably don’t see Spanish like I do… not yet! That’s the point of this podcast. I want to show you that there is ANOTHER WAY! That most of the strategies and tactics they used to teach us Spanish in high school are IGNORANT. They are ignorant to our plight. I know your mistakes. I understand why you make them. They were my mistakes too! I remember the pain and the agony of having to figure it all out myself because... let’s just say... I was underwhelmed with the resources out there. Well, now with these videos (or audios) you don’t don’t have to waste the years I did.

Customer Reviews


Finding these podcasts on Spanish is like finding a light switch in a darkened room.
It all makes sense not like those tortuous classroom days and books full of grammar that leave you thinking you will never be fluent.
I dont even hesitate to try speaking spanish at every opportunity now- best of all I am I am actually having conversations.
Thank you , thank you , thankyou😀😀😀😀