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【口语版】雇佣新助手hiring a new assistant

【口语版】雇佣新助手hiring a new assistant

【口语版】雇佣新助手hiring a new assistant
Time: 10:30
A: Like I told you before, we just don't have the resources to hire you an assistant. 如我之前跟您说的,我们现在没有资金给您招聘一个助理。B: I understand that, but the fact is we are understaffed. 我了解,但事实是我们现在人手不够。A: The timing is just not right. The economy is bad. And it's too risky to take on new staff.现在时机不对,经济不景气。再增加新职员,这实在太冒险了。B: Yeah, I guess you're right. Here's an idea. What if we hire an intern? She will take some of the weight off my shoulders.嗯,我想你是对的。那这样,如果招聘一个实习生呢?她可以帮我分担一些任务。A: She?她?B: Yeah, you know, a recent graduate, she could give me a hand with some of these projects and we could keep our costs down.是的。你知道,一个毕业生。她可以帮我做很多项目,并且减少开销。A: That sounds reasonable. Let me see what I can do. Tony, I'd like to introduce you to your new assistant. 这听起来很合理,让我想想我要怎么做。托尼,让我给你介绍一下你的新助理。B: Okay, great. Let's meet her! 好的,让我见见她。
C: Hi, I'm Adam.你好,我是亚当。B: Oh, hi, I'm Tony. 嗯,你好,我是托尼。
understaffed表示“人手不足”例句:The company has been understaffed since Spring Festival because many workers left in late January to spend the holidays at home.自春节以来,该公司人手不足,因为许多员工在一月下旬回家过年。
"The timing is just not right."表示“时机不对”。例句:I was gonna sell my house, but the timing is just not right.我想卖房子,但是时机不对。
"take weight off my shoulders"意为“卸下肩头重担”。
like I told you→kaɪ;dʒu
hire you an assistant→wənə
take on→kɑː
here's an idea→sənaɪ
what if →dɪ
take some of the weight off my shoulders→mə;dɔː
give me a hand→gɪmɪjə
some of→mə
keep our→paʊ
what I can do→daɪ
meet her→dər
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Release Date: 23/02/2022, 22:08:00


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