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316 - Is Derek Webb Deconstructing His Deconstruction?

316 - Is Derek Webb Deconstructing His Deconstruction?

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Ellen, Jack and Joey kick things off with a conversation about speaking in tongues.  Joey thinks he speaks in tongues and is just fine with not being sure.   
Derek Webb has raised the eyebrows of many Evangelical Christians through the years, many of them huge fans of his prolific (former) Christian band, “Caedmon’s Call.”   We’ve seen this a hundred times.  One of our “Christian heroes” starts to express doubt and maybe makes a controversial statement every now and then; next thing we know, our hero has deconstructed his faith, gotten a divorce and probably behind the scenes, tortures little kittens. 
Only Derek knows the ends and outs of his story, but on this episode, he invites us in to hear about it too.  This includes his  journey that landed him into this new space of re-investigating his faith.  Derek now works at a church and is married to a singer and musician of a worship band.   And he's traded in "beliefs" for hypotheses. 
Joey takes this opportunity to put Jack Hoey on the spot to share with Derek the season of time in which Derek, Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell were the three main faces on Jack’s “Mount Rushmore" of Christian influencers. 
Derek is one hell of a dude and is writing a new album, “The Jesus Hypothesis,” in which he’s reconsidering the possible implications of Jesus’ life, teachings and resurrection.
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Joey Svendsen (formerly of BadChristian Podcast) is a pastor who threw out his list of theological “certainties,” embraced mystery, and found freedom. Growing up a fundamentalist evangelical Christian, he now explores faith through a progressive lens. But Joey cares more about people than their positions, and remains closely connected with evangelicals, including many of the staff and attendees of the church where he pastors. Join Joey, his regular commentators and many special guests (progressives, traditionalists, evangelicals, and the totally indifferent) as they discuss God, the Church, cultural issues and anything else that has grabbed Joey’s attention. You’ll also hear honest and unfiltered discussions about stories of tragedy as well as Joey’s own experiences with mental illness. Joey likes to keep the conversations friendly but doesn’t pull punches, and doesn’t hesitate to explore potentially offensive topics. Maybe you love Jesus but aren’t so sure about the church thing, or maybe you’ve got the Heidelberg Catechism tattooed on your forearm – this is a podcast dedicated to coming together in love to talk about the things we all care deeply about but sensitive ears, you’ve been forewarned.

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He left them for good reason. He is the Canada to their United States of America.

Great show!

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