Passionate fans and knowledgeable insiders discuss all the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling.

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Idiot marks

No ur role
Dirty marks who take the wrestling to seriously acting like spoiled kids, they think wins and losses matter. But they really don't it's fake dude

Ryan Satin - Wrestling’s Last Justice Warrior

The self centred justice warrior Satin and his incredibly patronising way of discussing the news in wrestling is embarrassing for the business.
His co hosts Kevin and Jamie are the only two worth listening to who are able to give good discussions around topics. Ryan and Eli are painful to listen to in my opinion and clearly have agendas they are wanting to push.
This show is more about Ryan wanting his ego stroked by his friends and then proceeding to push his agenda on how the business should look and then lambasts people for having other opinions on topics.
Quite frankly, I’ve listened for too long out of boredom on long journeys but Ryan and Eli are just too much to handle and their voices will soon grind you down and make you want to pull your ears off.
I wouldn’t mind if Ryan was a nice guy just trying to give news but everything has an agenda, you can’t have a different opinion to him and god forbid any older guys in the business have a disagreement with him. He will be all over them like a rash on twitter trying to gain SJW points with marks.
It’s embarrassing and not worth a listen especially now Kevin isn’t on as much.
1/5 stars. Much better out there that aren’t condescending. If you are a mark who loves guys discussing wrestlers abs then this one is for you

Bring back Kevin

Lord rev
A great podcast for wrestling news and story’s. A good mix of opinions and the Facebook group is a game changer.
Would be 5 stars if it had more Kevin and less Ryan sucking off Jamie.

Quality show w/ good banter

Harry Austen
At the time of writing this, Happy 2 years, guys. (If you’re reading this in 2020, you’re probably very confused.) Anyway, the show offers a great view on wrestling, and more importantly, a great view on being accurate. I haven’t read (or heard) a wrong story since your inception. If you haven’t listened, and you’re a wrestling fan, how haven’t you listened?! They’re the number 1 go-to-guys for wrestling. Period.

Too much boring small talk

Four immature morons making tedious small talk about their sad little lives and only occasionally remembering this is supposed to be a wrestling podcast. Awful

Cracking show!

Informative banter from knowledgeable fans. Love to hear their views and the stories they break. Would like a female voice on there more often mind!

10! 10! 10! 10!

Great Podcast from guys who know what they're talking about. They have a great opinions on every topic going that I love to agree with. Even more so they have great opinions that love to disagree with. Keep up the good work

great show!

Great show guys part of my weekly wrestling line up of podcast :) many thanks


Thank you guys for the content!

Quality podcast from a quality news source

This show has made its way on to my weekly podcast rotation and for good reason. The guys on the show have a great dynamic and discuss some of the weeks top news (often broken by themselves) in an entertaining and informative manner. Well worth hitting the subscribe button!