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Season 1 - Episode 10: The Gift Of Evil

Season 1 - Episode 10: The Gift Of Evil

In this episode, Natalie travels to Rockefeller C…
Time: 13:02
In this episode, Natalie travels to Rockefeller Center in New York City to watch the Christmas tree lighting, and tells her scary story "The Gift of Evil" about Annie and Nick, who live in New York City. Annie and Nick get an elf doll for Christmas, and they are so excited! The excitement quickly fades as they realize their new elf friend has many tricks they hadn't anticipated. (All rights reserved. Copyright 2015)
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Revenge of the Creeps... and Other Scary Stories is a collection of scary stories by a 6 year old author, Natalie, who is obsessed with creating and sharing her scary stories with other children. These stories are for other children (ages 3 and up) who love the feeling of getting scared from spooky stories. In addition to sharing her stories, she also shares her experiences as she travels to haunted places across the United States, answers questions from children around the world, reviews scary books, interviews others on scary topics, and share lots of other fun scary stuff!

Customer Reviews

Spooky fun!

Ivy age 4 says "I like the spooky stories, I like to listen with mummy and my cat, it's funny when Natalie does her creepy voice."
Ivy's mum says: a wonderfully creative podcast with a charming young host. Great fun for all the family.