MoneyWeek's editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb and executive editor John Stepek discuss what's going on in the markets, and how it affects you and your wealth.

Customer Reviews

Great content; appalling sound quality

Jim and Biz
The information and discussion within this podcast are fantastic. It’s such a shame that half of it is impossible to hear.
At the start of episode ‘921’ you say that sound quality has improved. I disagree. I’d advise the following:
1. Invest in two identical, good quality microphones.
2. Set both microphones up the same, including how far away each speaker sits from them.
3. Record each microphone as a different channel and adjust the levels in post-production.
4. Remove the bucket from your head when speaking.
Thanks for the content, and good luck with the audio quality.

Martin Hutch

Good informative Podcast-Downside have lots of trouble hearing it - sounds like she’s talking inside a biscuit tin

Impossible to hear

I enjoy the doom and gloom stuff from MoneyWeek. If anyone had followed their advice on the London property market over the past decade, they would have lost a fortune
However, even the fool has their story, so I thought I’d give the podcast a try. However, it is impossible to hear anything so I gave up after a couple of minutes.
Shows them up as a really amateur bunch.

Unlistenable quality

Guys, if you're not going to invest in decent equipment to record this, pack it in. The most recent episode was unlistenable. Such a pity.

Poor Audio

I really can’t comment on the content but the audio fidelity is atrocious. Although, frankly, if they can’t be bothered with this, then it probably doesn’t say much about the quality of the commentary. It sounds like they’ve retired to the bathroom and are it is much too quiet.

Poor sound quality

The content is great but the sound quality is really poor & needs sorting ASAP

Great podcast but...

It sounds like it has been recorded on a baked potato.
Better microphones or switch to something other than Skype and it will be sweet chatter to my ears.

Interesting....shame about the sound quality

I have found sound quality generally poor on this and often have to turn headphones to max in order to hear what is being said. In most recent episode Merryn’s voice seems to fade in and out and is barely audible at times.
After going to the trouble of recording these, surely can’t be that hard to get decent quality recording? Must be fairly simple technology.

Very quiet

Content is always good (as far as I can tell) but I struggle to hear anything they say.

Great content. Sound quality terrible.

Bid bod
Need to sort out balance and sound quality. Makes it look very budget. Content great. But cannot listen for more than 2mins without switching off due to the aforementioned. Very easy issue to fix. Get a better mic!

Adds value to the magazine

In this weekly podcast the two hosts, who are editors of the magazine, discuss the week's economic and investing hot topics with each other. Not a repeat of that week's magazine but it does cover some of the same topics. I enjoy the discussion which is aimed at UK audiences but covers global markets. Does not provide specific recommendations.
May I suggest to the hosts that they continue to improve the sound quality. After 3 episodes the overall sound level is low compared to other podcasts I listen to. Also please improve the volume balance between the two of you. Then you'll get 5 stars :-)