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Ep: 34 - Overcoming tax paralysis: How to talk to the tax office

Ep: 34 - Overcoming tax paralysis: How to talk to the tax office

Are you terrified of tax season? We find out how to prepare ahead of time, and investigate the mistakes small business owners should avoid.
Time: 17:20
Tax season could easily be a small business owner’s most dreaded time of year. So how do you set yourself up ahead of time to avoid tax paralysis? And how do you overcome it when it does set in?
This week on Xero In Rob Stone and JV Douglas are joined once more by Peter Strong, CEO at the Council for Small Business Australia (COSBOA) and a strong advocate for small businesses when it comes to getting through the tax season.
“A small business is a person,” Peter told Rob and JV. “And most of the time if there’s a problem with a small business it’s because of confusion or they’re going through some life crisis or some business crisis, but it’s certainly not dishonesty that causes the problem.”
Tune in to find out what you need to know when it comes to working with the tax office, and how to prepare your business ahead of time.
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