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Episode 94: Snowden Becker

Episode 94: Snowden Becker

archivist / film preservationist extraordinare!
Time: 1:01:11
Today’s guest is an accomplished film preservationist and archivist named Snowden Becker who I heard interviewed on The Cinephiliacs podcast a little while ago and made note of her many accomplishments. I knew immediately she was someone I was eager to learn from and listen to. There’s a reason why you’ll find many links in the show notes this time, because she has a lot to offer in a variety of ways. Her research interests focus on how audiovisual materials are integrated into, accessed, and preserved as part of a larger cultural heritage. She helped launch the annual international Home Movie Day and explored the increasingly pivotal role of audiovisual recordings in the criminal justice system, the latter of which we didn’t get to explore as much, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we talk some more in the future because Snowden provides a plethora of information and insight.
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