As hacking leaves the dark corners of the internet and makes its way into our daily lives, we set out to paint a picture of this curious, enlightening, and occasionally criminal world. Join us on Hacked, as Jordan Bloemen, communicator and storyteller, and Scott Francis Winder, technologist and computer security hobbyist, delve into a new topic every episode.

Customer Reviews

Great, but unfortunately abandoned

B- C- P
This podcast was a fantastic exploration of cyber security with knowledgable hosts, excellent narration and exceptional production quality. It is sad therefore that the podcast appears to be abandoned, with the last 'weekly' episode over 3 months ago. I really hope they return to this podcast as it is has such great potential.

Very high production quality

Jamie Lord
This podcast is clearly made with care and attention; the recording quality is fantastic and the script is tight and well delivered. Keep up the great work guys!

This show is the flashlight of safety for the dark web

Hacked tells of us about the dangers of the web and the things we should know about, to help protect ourselves. The show is beautifully crafted, with greats hosts. Looking forward to more!