Customer Reviews

Informative and entertaining

As a listener based in the UK, I find this podcast an interesting view of world travel from a primarily American viewpoint.
Brad and the team bring a variety of different opinions and experiences, which help to build a complete picture of whichever topic has been chosen.
Well worth a listen.

Get rid of Mark

This is a great podcast, it would get 5 stars if it wasn't for Mark... This is basically the podcast -
Person 1 - So let's talk about Japan, person 2 how was your trip to Japan?
Person 2 - It was ....
Mark (interrupting person 2) - I've never been to Japan but this is what it's like .... proceeds to talk for 20 minuets in a loud annoying fake American accent.
It's so much better when Mark isn't on the podcast.

Unmissable podcast for anyone gripped by wanderlust

Pax Cannon
I love this podcast, it's got great depth and variety in the topic areas they choose each week and it's really helped me be more thoughtful about how to consider and plan better for future travel adventures.
If you're planning a trip away but in need of inspiration to help decide where to visit next, this podcast is a must-have subscription. Even if you're not travelling imminently, tuning into this every week means you're going to learn a lot more about the world from the expert and insightful opinions from Brad Rickman, Mark Ellwood and co. I can't imagine my Friday commute home without listening to this!