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#4 - What are cad flats for fashion design?- Phase #3

#4 - What are cad flats for fashion design?- Phase #3

Drawing technical cad flats from a freelance fashion designer.
Time: 11:05
Phase #3 of the fashion design process, drawing technical cad flats. These are NOT fashion illustrations! These are black line technical drawings, simular to blueprints. Why are they needed? You need these firstly for the pattern maker to even begin making your garment, then you also use them in teck packs for overseas production...
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"Death Before Missy" is our Freelance Fashion Designer Podcast full of helpful tips, tricks & info for the person looking to work in the fashion field. We will focus on sharing personal work experiences from a busy working Freelancer/Contract for Hire fashion designer here in NYC. Advice from building your portfolio, exposure to global clients, and creating your way to your own career in fashion! Your host is Lantie Foster with over 12+ years experience as a freelance fashion designer, based in NYC, working Global.

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