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The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King (1994)

Time: 1:01:39
Hakuna Matata, Bitches! In this throne-usurping episode, our conniving hyenas Brennon & Adam are stampeding over your loved ones in Disney’s 1994 spectacle The Lion King!  So recruit some meerkats and warthogs, and avenge your dead relatives with us on Super 90s Bros! Featuring Baby I Love Your Way by Big Mountain. 
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Release Date: 31/01/2022, 08:00:00


The '90s are back, nostalgia addicts! Listen to our comedy dream-weavers Brennon & Adam, for hazy memory riffs on your favorite 90’s TV, movies, and video games in this hilarious and outrageous homage to the decade where legends were made.

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