Pop Screen is The Geek Show's new podcast tackling movies starring, about or by pop stars - and that's all genres, from rock to hip-hop, jazz to disco. Each week Graham and one of his stable of trusty co-hosts picks a pop movie and examines its history, its film-making and its music in-depth. It's an irreverent ride through an oft-misunderstood strain of cinema, from era-defining masterpieces to kitsch atrocities.

Customer Reviews

Film chat with yer mates. Yer really clever mates.

Sarah SoCalled
Thoughtful, intelligent, friendly and funny discussion guide to boutique UK label film releases (Criterion, Arrow, Studio Canal, Third Window, Eureka, Masters of Cinema ...) delivered every week from our friends in the North. I listen when I'm getting ready to go out, or when I'm cooking. The podcasters have a diverse and intimate knowledge of film but it doesn't exclude the listener because it's coupled with down to earth chat and opinion, which the team are only too happy to voice - to quote a ton of back-of-the-box film synopses - with hilarious consequences.

Great discovery

Love this podcast, its both fun and scratches my movie nerd itch.

Eclectic with a point

Mr Snowblood
Not many quality podcasts from the north of england which are this fun and well produced. But its the eclectic-ness that that keeps me coming back, loads of podcasts do big range of movies but few do it in a way where I can jump onto amazon and buy the movie for myself. Usually podcasts like this are American, so this is great for me.

Engaging Film Discussion

As an avid cinema goer in the north east this podcast hits the spot for me. Hosted by lads with a genuine love of cinema; it's a perfect way for anyone who shares this passion to partake , albeit vicariously, in great conversations.