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Cockneys vs Zombies

Cockneys vs Zombies

It's not exactly Shaun of the Dead, but it's not without its charms.
Time: 58:23
This zom-com fulfills a long-time request by ever-patient listener, Francis. The dead are attacking, and old and young alike must take up arms to defend themselves in merry-old England.
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We're just two die-hard horror fans presenting new thoughts and takes on both favorite and obscure horror films from yesterday to today. We watch and review one horror movie a week from the perspective of fun, with a little film criticism thrown in.

Customer Reviews


Absolutely fantastoc podcast. These guys are Really knowledgeable and the banter between them is so good. Check the Pieces episode you will wet yourself.

3 stars?!?!

Who on earth can give these two less than 5 starts. They’re insightful view into our favorite horror films deserve nothing but 5 stars. One of the best horror film podcasts around (how to survive and dead and lovely being the other two favourites of mine) thanks for your time and effort guys. An interesting watch for you might be ‘el incidente’ (the film with the never ending staircase, I think there’s a few films of the same title).
Thanks again.

The best horror podcast out there!

George Glinski
A great podcast full of good vibes and awesome horror content.

Great listen!

Stumbled across this podcast whilst trying to find interesting reviews of the Exorcist II...don’t ask...
I’ve been hooked ever since! Great reviews that are funny, engaging, balanced and thought provoking.
Keep it going, guys!

Love it!!

I love this show. I only discovered it at Christmas, but quickly worked through their back catalogue. The hosts come across as friendly and funny, and just plain enjoy movies.
I look forward to each new episode, even if I’m not familiar with the movie.

Fantastic podcast!

U.K. Lee1234
I look forward to this show every week, funny and interesting, really helps me get through my night shifts. Keep up the good work guys!