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Episode 51 - Path Of Retrospective (FE9 Retrospective)

Episode 51 - Path Of Retrospective (FE9 Retrospective)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to episode 51 of EmblemCast! In today's episode we FINALLY after nearly 4 years of waiting break down our thoughts on Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance. Will the Darren and Shephen show return? Did Devon finally finish a game? Probably not! All and more in this episode of EmblemCast
0:00 - FE9 Draft Talk
1:10:51 - Break, and FE9 Breakdown
Music provided this episode by Djthescottcom, Husr, ingame sources
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Release Date: 21/06/2021, 23:56:01


The worlds first official, biweekly Fire Emblem podcast! Hosted by Devon, with members Darren, Shephen, and Keegan. Episodes up every other Wednesday. Email us at to have your messages read in on the show! Follow us on Twitter @EmblemCast. #FucKris

Customer Reviews

Not a critical hit!

The guys are very knowledgable and can talk the meta game which is interesting to hear. The guys are funny.. and the banter is decent. The whole cast generally fall into the ‘hardcore’ contingent... which in translation means anything after Awakening is a write off... it seems the cool thing is to like only games before FE 7. They are constantly slagging Awakening, fates and three houses even got slated.. and they hyperventilate off the old ones.. just seems a bit stereotypical.. but fair podcast.

Not A Fire Emblem Podcast

Listened to 20 minutes of the latest episode. Even though Heroes has come out recently the crew just spoke about games like Resident Evil and Yakuza.