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Review Episode 13

Review Episode 13

Dark Chambers / Guantlet
Time: 52:48
In episode 13, we have a "Dandy" of a show where we crawl through two dungeon based shooters. First, we review the XEGS game, Dark Chambers. Then we pit it against the 8-bit arcade version of Gauntlet. Who will be victorious?
Episode ID: 1000456043741
Release Date: 05/11/2019, 08:00:00


The Atari XE Gaming System was a version of their XE 8-bit line of computers but attempting to compete against the successful Nintendo Entertainment System. At the same time offering the computer option. Our podcast will focus on the cartridge games made for this system but, because this is essentially an atari 8-bit computer, we'll also review games that will play on this system.

Customer Reviews

A great podcast dedicated to an underloved system.

Episode 0 was fantastic. It was funny, informative and had great production values. I especially liked the rundown of the technical specs of the XEGS. Episodes 1,2 and 3 were just as good. The guys bounce off of each other really well, and their love for Atari and the XEGS is clear, as is the breadth of their knowledge on the subject. I like hearing about how different the XEGS releases were to their 'computer' equivalents, and the 'similar games to try' is a great addition to the podcast. Whilst I never owned an XEGS originally (I had an 800XL) I always lusted after one, and now I'm approching 40 with a disposable income, I've bought an XEGS now, and this podcast is a great way to find out what I'd like to try and add to my collection, software-wise.
Keep up the good work, and can't wait for the next episode!

All the ingredients for the perfect podcast

as the title suggests, this podcast has all the right ingredients for the perfect game by game podcast... in depth, yet accessible, information... knowledgable hosts... good humour & excellent pacing...