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Benjamin Lieber On Creating Great Videos, Designs And Music

Benjamin Lieber On Creating Great Videos, Designs And Music

In this podcast, I talk to Ben Lieber a designer,…
Time: 42:53
In this podcast, I talk to Ben Lieber a designer, director, creator, and musician behind the group Marigold. We discuss:
► Creating music videos on a budget that come out amazing
► How to collaborate with artists as an artist yourself
► The different aspects that go into an album roll out's design and creative direction.
► Behind the development of the visuals creative direction of Seaway's new album Big Vibe
► How his group Marigold has changed for their upcoming LP.
► Ben's favorite affordable tools for making creative content
► Ben's website:
► Seaway "Big Vibe"
► Barely Civil "Bottom of the Lake"
► The Bluechips "Deception"
►Marigold -
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