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First Person Podcast Episode 48: Disco Elysium The Final Cut

First Person Podcast Episode 48: Disco Elysium The Final Cut

Welcome to a very special 48th episode of the Fir…
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Welcome to a very special 48th episode of the First-Person Podcast. The world is opening back up and gaming backlogs are clogging up with sweet savings from summer sales. With the regular crew on a well-deserved break, we have some fantastic guests from the FPS community to take over. This month, we’ll be taking a return trip to Disco Elysium in light of it’s recent Final Cut and we have a trio of DE-experts to a tour guide. But don’t be frightened or intimidated, these are fun and friendly fellows, and I (Patrick Dolan, Managing editor of FPS) will be here with you the whole time. Ok so, let’s let these gentlemen and scholars introduce themselves.
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The podcasts we produce encourage players—be them developers, scholars, critics, or enthusiasts—to consider alternatives to popular interpretations of games, game play, and games culture. Through this discourse we seek to establish and sustain a critical conversation amongst those producing and playing games, demonstrating in the process that the player is a figure capable of enriching and challenging our understanding of games and what they are capable of.
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