Russian teacher Daria will help you to improve your Russian listening skills. In this podcast the Russian language is finally SLOW enough, so you don't have any problems understanding it. And if you do, the vocabulary section is just for you!
You will also get some tips on Russian culture, traditions and daily life.
Listen to slow Russian – learn faster!
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Customer Reviews


These podcasts really are the best. Clear, interesting, entertaining & well thought out. Whatever level of Russian you are studying at, I feel you will gain something valuable from them, and they are as enjoyable as they are educational. Certainly they have helped me immensely & I can’t recommend them enough.

Great podcast

V 1234 x
Love this podcast so much! Not too easy, not too hard and great way to get your daily dose of Russian learning, so thank you!

really helpful!

I find this podcast and the youtube channel super super helpful for me to improve my listening and understanding of the russian language and culture. спасибо ❤️


sam 💕💕
Очень очень хорошо!

A valuable resource

As if often the case when learning a new language, we are faced either with content that is too basic and simple, or advanced material too complicated to follow.
This podcast does a great job at bridging that gap for learners of Russian.
The content of each episode is compelling enough to be interesting in itself while also serving as a language learning device. The episodes deal with many subjects from traditions or stereotypes, and introduce the listener to wide and varied vocabulary, colloquialisms and expressions. All the while delivered at a pace most can follow, in a melodious and welcoming voice.
This is of high quality for a free resource and I urge any serious learner to integrate it as part of their study routine.

Very helpful podcast

Mark Sw
I have found these podcasts enjoyable and interesting to listen to - learning about Russian culture, whilst learning the language at the same time. Thank you!

Great For Advanced Beginners or Lower Intermediate!

It feels like there are a ton of podcasts and YouTube channels geared towards students of Russian who still haven't learnt what the Cyrillic alphabet is, or how to say привет, and also plenty for those who are comfortable with relatively speedy native speech. For those stuck in some kind of limbo in-between there is virtually nothing to help you along.
This, however, is perfect! Daria speaks genuinely slowly and clearly about various subjects, skips explanations for basic vocab while going into detail on the less beginner-ish words. Well worth a try.

Great series! Easy to listen to!

I've been waiting for a slow Russian series for ages and well finally, it's here and I'm impressed!!

Slow Russian will make you learn fast!

I have not been learning Russian for long, only a few months in fact, but I found these Podcasts when I was looking for something to listen to in Russian having exceeded my Russian friends expectations (they think most English people can't learn Russian). Since I started to listen to these podcasts, I have learned so much more. My Russian has improved even more. Now, I am listening to Russian audiobooks downloaded from real Russian audiobook sites! I understand most of what I hear when I hear some Russian television now, so thanks, Daria!

Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced level Russian learners

History of Europe, Key Battles
It's difficult to find good quality Intermediate to Advanced level Russian language resources. But here I've found a treasure. Daria goes through a episoide each week in Russian and explains the more advanced vocabulary in English. Especially useful for me are the more converational pieces to help refresh my rusty Russian skills

Worth a listen, definitely

I've really enjoyed listening to the dialogues and explanations provided on these podcasts. Daria provides useful insights and some great vocabulary. Give it a try.

The Best!

If you want help learning Russian then this is the podcast for you. Everything is explained slowly and clearly and with plenty of new vocabulary to keep intermediate learners like myself interested too. Highly recommended 👍