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158 - The MOST Productive Thing You Can Do (That No One Wants to Talk About)

158 - The MOST Productive Thing You Can Do (That No One Wants to Talk About)

The Make it Snappy Finale Episode
Time: 1:05:40
It's finally here. All the productivity advice you've ever heard on Make it Snappy has been building up to THIS...
It’s a CELEBRATION Snappy Nation!!! In case you haven’t heard, this is indeed the FINALE episode of The Make it Snappy Productivity Show and it’s a doozy. I’m going out with a SNAP! as we graduate from this particular platform to a new bold (somewhat terrifying) podcast.
What to Expect from the Finale
Today you’re going to get the best kept productivity secret ever known to man - and this is not even a remotely cliche statement. It has literally been a secret: I’ve been podcasting about productivity since Christmas of 2015 and I’ve never ever told you about this, and you’ve likely never made this connection…
If you think about ALL the really good productivity stuff we’ve talked about through the years: morning rituals, time blocking, the ONE thing, the most PRODUCTIVE thing you could do, hands down, blows all the productivity advice you’ve ever heard out of the water.
What's Next?
We invite you to transition with us to a brand new podcast called Miracles & Atheists. In this finale episode you'll get all the gory details about the new show, it's history, and my "why" behind taking this risky step way outside my comfort zone.
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The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, hosted by Nick Snapp and the Snappy Team is all about using your time to get the right things done. In other words, getting Productive on Purpose (POP).

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