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In The Devil's Beef Tub

In The Devil's Beef Tub

Buck Ruxton’s Double Jigsaw Puzzle Murder Episode 159 takes us on our first excursion into Scotland with the story of a physician (some accounts call him a gynecologist) accused of dismembering his wife and the nanny of their children, scattering...
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Buck Ruxton’s Double Jigsaw Puzzle Murder
Episode 159 takes us on our first excursion into Scotland with the story of a physician (some accounts call him a gynecologist) accused of dismembering his wife and the nanny of their children, scattering their parts in a deep bowl-like valley near the town of Moffat, so named as it was known as a good spot for hiding stolen cattle.
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Release Date: 29/04/2022, 20:42:46


Tales of classic scandals, scoundrels and scourges told through vintage newspaper accounts from the golden age of yellow journalism

Customer Reviews

All round all good.

Every episode is well researched and well read also they are all a good length so good to listen on a long journey. I only listen to half a dozen podcasts and this is one of them.


Radiator lady
Mr Jones transports the listener in a most visceral way back to when journalism took the reader into the minutiae of the everyday lives of ordinary citizens caught up in extraordinary events. Please keep it up, it’s obviously a labour of love and we love it!

Great so far!

Very different from the rest of the true crime podcasts out there. Already a fan!


Richard O Jones is so passionate about historic true crime. It really comes across when you listen, and listening is a joy because of it. Great stuff, and very original. The Dillinger stories got me hooked and now I listen to everything he does.


I urge you to listen to Richard O Jones tell the most wild & old worldly tales. His western B movie sheriff's drawl fits the old fashioned journalism perfectly!
My favourite podcast....

Absolute winner!!

I find the podcast fascinating, I love learning and listening to all the crimes in history and the presenter makes you feel that you are there as it's happening.

Absolute joy !

I'm very much taken with this podcast.
It manages to be both informative and very entertaining. I get the sense of being transported back in time to a far better time in journalism. I'm from England and wish we had someone doing the same thing with the London Times and other publications.
Please keep it going Mr Richard O Jones.
And if you ever have a speaking engagement in England be sure to announce it on your podcast..
Until such time, I am sir most grateful and assuredly in your debt.
I thank you.

Joyfully Good.

Green Circle
I recently stumbled across this podcast via Most Notorious & I'm so happy I did.
A carefully crafted tribute to historic crime reportage. Compelling, beautifully researched & accomplished. It's wonderful.
As for Richard O' s voice? Oh my - swoontastic.

Great Delivery, love the tales

The presenters voice and delivery may not be to alls taste, but I love it. Think old time newscaster. The stories are very good and very few I've heard of. Give it a go it's worth a listen

Gets better every episode

Love getting immersed in the story's thinking how life would be at the time.

Once Great, Now Irritating

I'm sorry to change my original five star review to three, however something bad has happened to this Podcast.
Over the last few weeks/months the broadcaster has started to seem to sycophantically need/ask for reviews and sponsorship. Every episode needs to be skipped for at least five minutes to avoid requests for Facebook "likes" or iTunes "ratings".
I'm sick of listening to your begs for money. As much as I liked your podcast to send me to sleep, it's just not worth it.

love it

I love this podcast, it is so atmostpheric you could almost be there. It was great to hear a story from the uk, more please. As soon as I hear the music and sound effects I relax into the great story telling. last podcasts story of the dog showing his masters death spot was sad but wonderful too, that dog should have got a medal. Looking forward to the next episode. Well done Richard O Jones.

Annoying Music

I was looking forward to this podcast but he has background music playing all the way through. In the one I tried it was a plinky plinky guitar and then onto a piano. It was too distracting to me.

Excellent Podcast

I've been looking for a podcast like this for a long time.
The crimes reported are ones that are not well known and so doesn't feel like a hash of other stories all mixed into one.
The host is fantastic at setting the tone for the stories and it is delivered perfectly, his sense of humour at the start and end of the podcast is brilliant.
I've only left a 5* review as he has said he is passing this along to his dog for extra kibble ;-)

Really great crime podcast

Joyce (UK)
Really glad I discovered this new real crime podcast. Love listening to Richard O Jones's mesmerising storytelling of many historical crime cases that are new to me. Please keep up the great work!

Not a bad start...

skmp - London
Have only listened to the first couple episodes.. So far, so good. Hopefully they continue to improve!