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Episode 150 - The End

Episode 150 - The End

Fream and Proulx close out the show with news, reviews, interviews and more! Thanks to everyone for listening!
Time: 1:40:00
Fream and Proulx close out the show with news, reviews, interviews and more! Thanks to everyone for listening!
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Release Date: 19/11/2018, 13:30:00


The show about Xbox Gamerscore!
Every show we talk about issues relevant to Xbox Live gaming, gamerscore and the hobby of achievement hunting.
Join Tarragon (gamertag zzUrbanSpaceman), Brandon (gamertag Freamwhole) and Randy (gamertag Crandy) as we discuss the how and why of gamerscore, tips for obtaining quick gamerscore, latest news on discontinued achievements and server shutdowns, and more!

Customer Reviews

Awesome show

Keith 79
Been listening to this show for a while now and finally getting round to reviewing it. All i can say is this is an amazing podcast for xbox fans and especially achievement hunters. They have a good balance to the hosts and keep the shows interesting and informative. They also do a great job of involving their growing community of listeners in the show. Hope this podcast keeps on going as i will continue listening. Give it a go!


II Tatey II
Awesome show for achievement hunters. Nice long shows with a good layout and funny hosts!

Fantastic Achievement Podcast

Been listening to the backlog of this for a couple of months now and, I must say, I am hooked and dreading the day I finally catch up to the latest episode. What will I do between the week long wait between episodes?!
Handy tips for achievement hunters, no matter how experienced, and the chemistry between the 3 hosts is great, and getting better every episode.
Keep up the good work!

A Call out to achievemet hunters!

Finally a decent podcast with a in-depth discussion's of achievements.Also great news on up and coming games and good tips old ones too, great job guys keep it up! 😊


It hasn't been since the GamerScore Popcast that I have discovered a podcast dedicated to Achievements. Thank you, only 30 mins into the second episode but I know I'll keep listening. I went forgot password on my Apple accout just to write this :D

Podcast Review

This is the best podcast for achievement hunter and gamerscore junkies.
If you've been looking for a podcast with great gamerscore chat and xbox discussions all revoling around achievements. This is for you. Can't recommend highly enough.
Keep it up guys :)