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#192 - Five Systems to Implement in Your Business

#192 - Five Systems to Implement in Your Business

Welcome to the one hundred and ninety-second epis…
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Welcome to the one hundred and ninety-second episode of the Heart + Hustle Podcast! Today we're sharing five non-traditional systems to implement into your business this year to increase productivity, drive results, and hire top talent.
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The Heart and Hustle Podcast is a weekly podcast created for women of color entrepreneurs to have a place to talk business and life. Join us every Thursday as we discuss a variety of topics from focusing on your brand to dealing with being an introvert. Angelica Yarde, a designer, developer, and public speaker, shares from her decade-long business and branding experience while Charisma O'Keefe, a social media and branding consulting, shares from experience as designer and what she does when working with creative businesses. Remember to dream big, work hard, and repeat and don't forget to #BossSoHard.
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