The prepping badass podcast covers everything survival. Two bros talking about real life around a couple of beers without ever taking it to seriously. From wilderness survival and food storage to home security and bug out locations.

Customer Reviews

Best of the bunch

I listen to loads of podcasts and this is one of the best in any genre.
If you have an interest in survivalism then these guys are great. Very entertaining and no massive tinfoil hats.
Get to know them so you know if Kevin is saying something that will guarantee you kill yourself for his own entertainment.
Smart, hilarious campfire talk.
“Sounds right.”

Great Podcast

WilliamB Chunks
The guys are great...loads of information without the topics getting too serious.
5 stars for a mix of good info and great listening. Prepping doesn’t need to be boring !!!
Update: 22nd March
What’s up with you guys, get on this gravy train. If you don’t, you’ll be complaining when the shtf and there’s no gravy!
5 Stars from me.
If you don’t like it. Send them an 5hitmail, they’d love it 😉