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Episode #107 – We’re Back – A Year Older, Not Wiser

Episode #107 – We’re Back – A Year Older, Not Wiser

It’s been a year (to the day), but the Speaking Easy Podcast is coming to you live through the airwaves again! First, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. To those who don’t but still have the day off, a merry day of drinkin’ to you!
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It’s been a year (to the day), but the Speaking Easy Podcast is coming to you live through the airwaves again!
First, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. To those who don’t but still have the day off, a merry day of drinkin’ to you! To those of you who have to work today, cheers to your after-work plan! That should cover everyone, but we hope you’re all well and imbibing responsibly and joyfully.
When we announced a hiatus last December 25, we really didn’t know what the future would hold. And frankly, some of it is still murky (we may need to clean our glassware better 🙂 to see further).
In reflecting on 2018, we’ve had a lot of personal life happening while the show has been paused. A big part of the podcast was always about making time for those you love and enjoying a few tasty concoctions to celebrate your time together. And, in a lot of ways, the podcast was one way for us to do that, but there was a lot more that we wanted to take time to explore.
We wanted to take this time to reach back out to you, our fans, to check in a bit on:
* What we’ve been up to this past year,* What we’ve been drinkin’ this past year,* A little bit of trivia on beverage control laws, and* What the future of the Speaking Easy Podcast may look like.
We hope you enjoy this episode, which contrary to your first impression of our ramblings during the show, WILL include a very special recipe for a big event, and reach out to let us know what you think!
There is also one very special announcement from our very own Alex, and listen to the episode before reading below!
Dearest Listeners,
As you heard on the episode, I’ll be leaving my regular hosting role on the podcast while Jordan explores the future of the show—and I do say “regular” hosting role because there’s no way they are going to get rid of me fully—i.e. I’ll pop in when it makes sense.
It’s been a big year on a personal front, and a year of change in terms of my imbibing. I wouldn’t say that I’ve fallen out of love with cocktails, but we’re taking some time apart at the moment. I’ve always viewed this show as a “cocktail and home entertaining” show, and the latter part will always be part of my Midwestern heart.
I’ve definitely been exploring the world of beer more, and would love to connect with other beer-focused listeners through my Untappd account, which is @SchmalexSchmuboff. Send me a friend request and we’ll keep the party that we started with this podcast going on a different platform.
I’ve got three thank yous that I’d like to send out before signing off:
1)     To my (now) wife—thanks for putting up with all the nights of trying my (often) poorly constructed drinks and my insistence on visiting “just one more” liquor store to try to find an obscure Slovak herbal liqueur or something of the sort. Cheers to my forever wedding date (“scotch and soda, thanks!”) and champagne buddy!
2)     To the mad scientist, and master producer, “Silent” Tyler: You literally made the show something beyond just being two jokesters rambling on and on, and made it into something that really shaped our lives for a couple of years. I can’t thank you enough for all that you did, but thank you. Cheers to all your other endeavors, and you deserve all the success!
3)     To Jordan, the best damn co-host and (I’ll finally admit it) the best damn home bartender around: Well...
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Speaking Easy is a cocktail and home entertaining podcast with a twist. Co-hosts Alex Luboff and Jordan Wicker are both avid cocktail party hosts, often in the company of one another, and have had several people approach them separately to ask about sharing some of their accumulated knowledge on cocktails and entertaining.
The Speaking Easy Podcast aims to break down the cocktails, planning, and other details needed to throw a great party, whether it’s 4 people or 40.
Now that twist: we’re most definitely not professionals. Both podcast hosts hold “real” jobs, and outside of hosting in their homes, are not actual bartenders. Alex and Jordan are enthusiasts, and approach the show from that perspective. Speaking Easy is not trying to create a whole new cocktail revolution, but rather spread the word about how easy it is to master simple crowd-pleasing cocktails.
If you watch a lot of “how-to’s” out there, you may see a professional bartender recommending a $75, hard-to-find, obscure ingredient that, yes, might create a world-class drink. We, however, are more interested in crafting an always satisfying drink, night-after-night, for your friends and family. Leave the fancy work to the professionals, we’re just trying to keep the party going.
We don’t expect to teach you to be the best bartender in the world– we’re certainly not. We’re hoping, as we say at the end of each show, that you’ll come along as we all toast “to being a better drinker.”

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Craft cocktail connoisseurs

JB @ Menace to Sobriety
This is one of my favourite podcasts. Alex and Jordan’s knowledge of cocktails and their insight into alternatives to obscure expensive one use ingredients found in many cocktails have inspired many delicious concoctions of my own which have gone down a treat when entertaining. The Craft cocktail connoisseurs have me in stiches with their banter and sometimes awful puns on my morning commute. Great podcast and great guys. Keep it up.

Easy listening for easy drinking

Really enjoyable to listen to podcast with lots of great easy to digest information about how to be a better drinker. Something we should all aspire to. My home bar is thrilled I found this. My favourite podcast about drinking or cocktails, give it a try.