A show focused on the discussion of how to get the most out of your time at Walt Disney World by considering every available advantage during planning and once on the ground. We analyze and test pre-arrival strategies, the latest in-park systems, and money-saving techniques in an effort to determine the best ways to maximize fun and minimize costs.

Customer Reviews

Larry and friend

Angry Postman
Curb your enthusiasm with Mickey ears on. Brilliant stuff.

Favourite WDW Podcast

Really entertaining WDW podcast with amazing tips and tricks. The hosts Jeremy and Ryan are very funny and have a great sense of humour.

Brilliant for tips and tricks

Tate from across the pond
I like this podcast because it's full of very useful info, great tips and little tricks to help you make the most of your holiday.

Excellent show

Really enjoy the show. Great tips and really helps me in getting over the post Wdw vacation slump as I’m now planning the next one. The level of detail and attention you put in and the sheer number of podcasts you produce is really impressive. I thoroughly enjoy drives from work listening to you guys, it really takes my mind back from the stresses of the day to disneyworld! Thanks!

Best WDW podcast bar none

Hugely entertaining podcast -- witty, informative, and with just the right amount of unethical advice to make sure you make the most of your dollars and trip.
Unlike other similar podcasts, I'm not constantly shouting "get on with it!" while I listen and there's no advertising to soil the experience.
The only WDW podcast I'd listen to year-round.
Thanks to the two hosts for producing the show!

Jeremy and Ryan are the only men that my wife allows in our bedroom

The BoM podcast is fantastically informative and very funny. I love WDW planning more than my first born and this podcast has taught me so many new tricks. Thank you Jeremy and Ryan - you are absolute stars.

Great podcast

Great content has really helped in planning our Disney world trips thanks for all the info and tips.

Grey Matters

Alex Cluff
An excellent podcast on the grey side of Disney parks. The two engaging hosts walk you through all the ways to save money and maximise your time in the park.

Great tips makes my trip easier

I love this show, it's full of really helpful tips for around the parks. I've definitely jotted a bunch down for my up coming trip! Keep up the good work!