Living Unconventionally is a podcast featuring weekly interviews with digital nomads, full-time travelers, entrepreneurs, and a variety of other people who have ditched their desk and decided to chase their passions around the world. We discuss their travel stories, how they find deals on travel, how living in an unconventional way has improved their life, how they fund their travels, and how they make money when on the road.

Customer Reviews

Opens a world of possibilities

Steve Szubert
Great show, Chris, with insightful questions from you, and inspiring answers from your guests. You show us a hidden world of exciting possibilities.
Especially liked your interview with Erica Duran.
You seem to pack as much into a half hour interview as others do in one hour, yet your style is very warm and relaxed.

Really insightfull show

Brittnay has an fantastic style which helps to get the very best out of her guests, allowing them to tell their stories and prompting if needed.

Amazing show!

Mr Hez
Brittany shows you how to take charge of your life and live your passion in this show.

Unique podcast featuring unique people

Love the concept of the show and really enjoy listening to it. Just listened to the Quarter Life Epihany episode and found it very inspiring. Thank you for sharing the unconventional dreams of unconventional people. Thanks