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261 Weekly Lost Podcast – Finale Part 2

261 Weekly Lost Podcast – Finale Part 2

[audio:] Weekly Lost Podcast Finale Review Part 2 Click Here To Download This is part 2 of 2 of our community review of the finale of LOST. While this is our review of “The End” of Lost, this is not the end of the Lost Podcast of We want to encourage you to remain […]
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The Weekly Lost Podcast is where Cliff and Stephanie’s journey into the world of podcasting began back in 2005.
While Stephanie had been watching LOST from the very first episode, Cliff had got hooked on the show after catching the last four episodes of the first season. For Cliff, it was the hidden clues and the overall mystery of the island that drew him in.
Cliff had initially started out blogging about Lost and listening to a small handful of Lost Podcasts. Many of Cliff’s blog posts highlighting easter eggs and unique theories were picked up by major media outlets like Entertainment Weekly. When Cliff was encouraged by Lost Podcasters, Ryan & Jenn Ozawa, to launch his own podcast, he jumped at the opportunity and convinced Stephanie to join him. The rest is history which you can read on the GSPN Wikipedia page.
While the show was on the air, Cliff and Stephanie produced two podcast episodes every week devoted to the show. They would record an initial reaction podcast immediately following the episode and then they would produce a full weekend review in a live steaming audience way before live streaming was "a thing."
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Customer Reviews

Awesome Podcast

Cliff And Steph Are Fantastic, Cool Discussions About The Show And A Great Community That Surrounds The Podcast

Quite decent

This podcast is good at times but goes on too long and the woman is extremely annoying and unfortunately appears rather unintelligent. Cliff is much better and would be better off doing it alone.

another review

I find this podcast very informative, although i do find it slow at times, Steph can be rather boring and tired while recording. Don't record so late at night

Must-have podcast

Insightful and funny - Cliff and Stephanie always make me laugh!

Awesome show, guys

Mini Noden
Very informative and to the point, but fun as well. This is the only podcast that I without fail upload to my iPod. Unfortunately, I only have a nano, and it can't fit enough episodes.
Also, I have noticed that this podcast often gets bad reviews, but it's awesome, and they deal with it extremely well. It is undoubtedly the best Lost Podcast (Although Jay and Jack is close second) around. Download it, or you're missing out...

Great Podcast....

....if a little long-winded.

Best podcast ever!!

Cliff, Stephanie and Rachel - This podcast is by far the best I've ever listened to! You manage to combine random conversation, (and plenty of jokes!), with some serious theory discussion as well as thoughtful episode recaps. Such a shame you don't have the satellite anymore, but I'm sure you will maintain the exceptional quality! Just to tell you that I love it - listen to it on the way to work, on the way home, in bed...keep up the great work guys, because you should only do things that you enjoy; which you obviously do!

Nice work

An intelligent and amusing look at ABC's hit American TV show ' Lost' by Cliff and friends. Some great theories and a family friendly atmosphere.

A great podcast!

Tim Jelly
This podcast was a little late to come to the family of Lost Podcast, but this has not meant that it lacks in quality and entertainment.
The show is full of great theories, and the people who work the show are very honest and above all, real. When they mess something up, they laugh and it does make the whole thing both engaging and welcoming.
The production is also very good, with some of the more talented listeners even creating a welcome note and sign off.
Kudos to Cliff, Stephanie and Racheal for a well worth while Podcast.