The future award-winning podcast from the award-winning Las Vegas blogger who brings you all the Las Vegas news, unfounded rumors and WTF you can possibly stomach.

Customer Reviews

Best Vegas podcast

Mark - Houston
Scott’s podcast is like spending an hour with a buddy in Vegas, having drinks at the video poker machine and talking about all the awesome stuff you’re going to do that weekend. I only make it to Vegas once a year but this podcast helps fill the gap and gets me psyched for the next trip. Thanks Scott for all the work on the pod and blog. Can’t wait for Season 2!

Popped my cherry!

This popped my Vegas podcast cherry and we always remember our first, right? A witty, informative and entertaining podcast that makes a young English girl happy. Unforunately I'm a 50 year English guy, but I have to take what I can get. Now, where's my Captian diet...?


Just discovered the podcast
Love the content and delivery
Great work keep it up man

Captain oh my Captain

Stefan VDC
Hello. I like podcasts. Specifically Vegas podcasts. Most are good, some are less than good. This one is better than less than good and consistently awesome.
But why you ask? Vegas news, check. Affable host, check. Gold prospecting Co host, check. The clatter of ice which raises Pavlovian dog feelings, check. Award winning blog associated with said podcast, check, check and check.
I implore you to get a little Scott in your lives. He puts so much time and effort into our enjoyment of Vegas without caring a hoot for himself. Hero is an overused term, Scott is a hero.

Our Man in Las Vegas

First hand accounts direct from the heart of the City are what make this podcast unmissable. Wide ranging and unpredictable, Scott touches upon all aspects of life in Vegas, boldly going where others fear to tread. Essential listening for any true Vegas fan.

Great addition

This podcast is a great addition to the stable of Las Vegas podcasts already on iTunes. It offers something a little different with interviews with people who work and live in Las Vegas as well as lots of Vital Vegas exclusives and breaking news! Thank you Scott

It must be a top 10 Vegas podcast

Drew peacock .
This started off as a back up to my Vegas podcasts, but is steadily working its way to the top of the listicle , it's funny and informative, it's good to hear about things early on, Scott has his ear to the ground. I'm not sure about pappy tho, keep up the good work, well worth a listen..

Once you get the humour, you're there!!

Geordie in Newcastle Upon Tyne
I'm an English Probation Officer who loves Vegas and visits regularly as I have friends living there. My daily commute to the prison I work in passes so quickly when I listen to this Podcast. It's like a good book, stick with it at the beginning and you'll get into it and pick up so much information and great tips. Scott has his finger on the pulse of Vegas and the depth and breath of his knowledge is so useful. Well done man, keep it going......

My wife hates this podcast so I listen in secret

Si 16kb
Scott has a distinctive voice and patter that once you get used to it, will keep you entertained on any long drives to work. He is a font of knowledge regarding anything Las Vegas and covers many aspects that aren't in other podcasts or blogs such as brothels or penis based stage shows. I think this is why my wife isn't a fan but i look forward to each new episode as it keeps me in the loop of all the Vegas news while I'm not there, keep up the good work and never take the first offer on Top Dollar :)


This has got to the the worst ever Vegas Podcast. Self centred and downright boring I'm afraid. The only decent interview with Big Elvis had dreadful sound issues. Listen to the professionals at Five Hundy By Midnight and Vegas Gang Podcasts. Sorry Scott (the host) but it's awful.


Wow this is truly bad.
Think of that feeling of scratching your nails down a blackboard - then throw in a cheesy over the top self obsessed gameshow host - and even then you won’t get close to how truly awful this is…stick to Five Hundy if you want a decent Vegas Podcast...