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Tradition is Peer Pressure From the Dead

Tradition is Peer Pressure From the Dead

Tradition is Peer Pressure From the Dead
Time: 1:08:45
MEP EP#300: Tradition is Peer Pressure From the DeadAnnouncements
If you are currently enrolled in college we would love to chat with you. We have some ideas for future podcast content that you could perhaps help us with. Also, we would love to get to know our listeners more. If you have not already, please send a hello email to Thanks to everyone who has reached out already.
On Nov 6th, Parker is doing a 24 hour video game stream for the Extra Life Charity which benefits the Texas Children Hospital network. Last year our listeners helped him raise $2600 and he is hoping to double that this year! You can donate through the Extra Life page here. Or just come hang out his personal twitch channel and chat. Will be playing from 8AM on Nov 6th till 8AM on Nov 7th.
Chris Gammell
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Is DIY Dead?
Maker Faire seems to be dead
DIY projects and YouTube channels seem to be doing better then ever
Are electronic DIY companies doing well?
$1 Microcontroller by Jay
Are Engineers “Pavlovian Cheapskates”?
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