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Episode 18: Online Dating in LA vs. NYC

Episode 18: Online Dating in LA vs. NYC

On this episode, COMPLEX Pop Culture Deputy Edito…
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On this episode, COMPLEX Pop Culture Deputy Editor, Kerensa Cadenas, joins Ali and Eileen to decide which city is worse for online dating: LA or NYC? Spoiler Alert: They're both garbage and you should start investing in a future that looks more like an episode of GOLDEN GIRLS and less like a Kate Hudson movie.
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Release Date: 14/10/2016, 22:16:42


Have you ever wondered what happens between the text exchanges you see on the Bye Felipe Instagram account? On the Bye Felipe Podcast, creator Alexandra Tweten and cohost, Eileen Beard, share personal online dating stories and dissect BAD online dating behavior from a funny, feminist point of view. "King Baby" theme song by feeling feelings.

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My new favourite podcast

If like me you've done your fair share of Internet/app dating you will relate to this! Like sitting down with your girlfriends over a drink and sharing everything. Love these ladies, always insightful, always hilarious. Guys should listen too, you get such a glimpse into the dating world from the female perspective.