The future starts now! Former Tweener Wrestling Podcast hosts, Peter & Garrett move on from the Attitude Era to examine the rise of NXT since its arrival on the WWE Network in 2014. How did WWE’s black and gold development league end up becoming the critical darling of the wrestling world; and why can’t the WWE seem to match its success on a creative level? Each episode will rewind the clock back to 2014 and chart the growth of NXT, TakeOver by TakeOver and examine any steps or stumbles taken along the way. Occasionally, we’ll detour to WWE during this time and see how the company and it’s NXT call-ups are faring in comparison.
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Customer Reviews

A must listen!!

Found this podcast a few months ago and making my way through from the beginning! One of the best wrestling podcasts out there. Funny and informative!

Wrestling with lols

Harry or Barry?
Fantastic wrestling review podcast with two guys that care just enough to show it.

Awesome podcast.

Great podcast, wish I had the time to go back and watch all of the Attitude Era myself, but this is the next best thing!
Keep up the good work guys!

Extraneous maybe?

The podcast covers much the same ground as AE and new generation podcasts, so it does have an air of being surplus to requirements. They are original in their approach though and do not steal gimmicks from other podcasts like the guys at invasion podcast do. Sound quality is ok, not brilliant.
After a good few listens, these guys aren't that bad, even their Roman reigns rants are entertaining. They are interactive with listeners too. It is also clear that a lot of hard work is put into each episode in terms of sound quality and research.


Good nostalgic podcast for the good old days

Pretty Damn Good

Sunny Syde Up
I don’t like the AEPodcast, so when I discovered another podcast that covers the Attitude Era I was thrilled. Early episodes are definitely rocky, but things definitely pick up down the line. I love how they cover the Raw storylines going into the PPVs, and that they started their timeline before Austin’s crowning at Wrestlemania 14. Their off script episodes are awesome too, and it’s good to see someone covering shows from the mid to late 2000s. Certainly not the best around, but if they continue working on making the show better then I’ll keep listening.