Join Bill Kerr on a wild romp through philosophy, science, health, travel, mindfulness, Game Of Thrones, NBA and other relatively unconnected topics. We want to tell interesting and important stories. Join us on this journey. Taking on philosophy through the eyes of an idiot.
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Customer Reviews

This is the best podcast ever!

John kid Ellis
This podcast is hilarious! The way Doc and Tom just bounce of each other's funny comments is great. I can't get enough of this podcast. Everyone needs to listen to this! It's a bit of fitness and a great laugh

Best health/fitness/travel podcast !!

Matt Deacon
This podcast is the best out there! Such good content in terms of fitness but then what it takes to be elite in their chosen field . Also hearing about the psychological aspects some athletes face really opens your eyes !! Also can't beat Bill and Tom are the best hosts out there!!

Life Improving!!!

Crafty Cutz
I can't recommend these podcasts highly enough! Entertaining, hilarious, insightful, interesting....
I look forward to every new podcast dropping into my feed. Full of training, nutrition, weightlifting, CrossFit, travel, mindfullness, information and discussion, the list could go on but you get the point. There is something for everyone. Every podcast has lead me on to another gem of info, a new book to read, a new person to follow or a life hack. Please don't stop boys...and I can't wait for the next ADVF adventure I can get on.


Colombianos abroad
Thoroughly enjoyed the Bolivian prison episode, good work guys!