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BQP 052: Tracy Shuchart

BQP 052: Tracy Shuchart

Tracy is an oil analyst by trade, but her indepen…
Time: 47:45
Tracy is an oil analyst by trade, but her independent thought and fearlessness of digging into the world of macro economics and politics makes her unconventional and special.
1:41 Energy - the most important sector
5:13 The basket case that is Europe
9:20 Planned crisis, pure stupidity, or both?
11:54 Shale, funding & the impact of ESG
17:16 Thoughts on base metals
25:17 Effects on food production
33:46 Inflation or deflation?
36:30 What Tracy is monitoring
Episode ID: 1000549824968
GUID: tag:soundcloud,2010:tracks/1208668831
Release Date: 02/02/2022, 21:27:19


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