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Most Anticipated Games of 2022

Most Anticipated Games of 2022

Time: 2:02:33
There’s a handful of anticipated games on the horizon and the three of us are long overdue for catching up.
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Release Date: 14/01/2022, 14:00:00


Three best friends unite every week to play video games and share their thoughts on gaming news and culture.

Customer Reviews

Best gaming podcast

Love these guy, always make the commute that much better with their willingness to not pander to the crowd and give their real feelings on topics.
Loads of in jokes to come accustomed to , before you know it you’ll be saying HELLO BOOYYYSSS.
Really recommend catching a few episodes, even if you just start now the format makes listening easy as each episode is topical on the week and they do an excellent job of keeping it spoiler free.
P.s. Jacob you better move in with Garret ;D


Hello, you stallions, loved the latest episode. You guys keep me sane on my tedious commute to work and back. Now that I’m a parent I don’t have as much time as I used to have to enjoy my glorious hobby of gaming. This podcast keeps me enthused and up to date on what happening in the gaming universe. I’m a PS4/PC guy too, so your podcast hits the sweet spot. Keep them coming, lads! Peace out, my friends :)

Great Gaming Podcast

Love tuning in to give these guys a listen. They’re a very likeable and knowledgeable bunch and add a nice extra layer to my gaming hobby. Highly recommend it and really hope this podcast goes from strength to strength!

Podcast introduction.

Bret Shipley
Your podcast introduced me into the world of podcasting a few months back on Spotify and my life is much different now haha. I listen whilst commuting, at work and whenever I can really. But still my favourite show and I look forward to every week now when your podcast goes live and also the Ask IOG show which is ofcourse every 4 months or so.. ;) haha, only kidding. But If you ever decide to visit England would be cool to do a meet up. And have you ever thought about having a live questions on the show via Skype? May make a fresh and different approach to the show or maybe even a guest via Skype or such. I’d nominate myself if interested. Thank you for the podcast and keep it up! Look forward to listening again soon.
Bret from England

Excellent Podcast!

This podcast is brilliant, I have been tuning in weekly for the last 6 months now and since then my Mondays at work have never been the same, thoroughly enjoying going back and listening to all their older episodes too.
ItsObviousGaming involve their community to the point that you feel like you're there with them putting your point across, give this a listen & subscribe if you have a passion for gaming and fast food 😜 also be sure to check out their other podcast, AskIOG.


Love it guys

Great podcast

I have been looking for a good gaming podcast for a while now and this one is defiantly my favourite. If your reading this review defiantly give this podcast a go because these 3 guys are extremely entertaining to listen, they know their videos games and they definitely deserve more popularity. 👍👍

Great gaming podcast

I tune in to listen to the lads every week, makes my commute so much better! Great mix of funny stories, gaming news and community input, as well as the occasional movie or pop culture item. Highly recommend!